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Grind W.R.X is about "The Grind" which is why we implemented our campaigns.  In any sport you need direction, and that is the same with our non-profit.  We feel like our direction is toward winning.  Winning is whatever our student athletes deem is a win to them. Discover more about our innovative campaigns below and get in touch to stay up to date regarding our latest efforts.



Each year during the spring, Grind W.R.X hosts a spring showcase for incoming High School freshman.  This showcase allows our athletes to perform "NFL Combine" drills at our state of the art facility, while also receiving valuable insight and knowledge from our guest speakers.


Grind W.R.X has partnered with Ollin Sports Medicine to educate our student athlete with the knowledge and tools, to understand what foods are needed to keep their body running like a well "oiled machine".  With Doctors on site students are taught about injuries as well as preventative measures to keep them on the field and off the trainers table.


Collaborating with our supportive partners Grind W.R.X has the opportunity to have our athletes enjoy a weeklong college tour during the summer, visiting multiple campuses.  This allows our athletes the chance to get a feel for more than just one college or university campus.

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